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[Creative Freedom S5E1]

Brace yourself... Creative Freedom Season Five is here!

That's right! After a year of researching, scripting, filming, editing, and travelling, Creative Freedom is back for another season of inspiration and education to help you Own Your Dreams Without Selling Your SoulTM.

Creative entrepreneurs from all over the place sent me questions to answer, and we're kicking off the season with a few of the most important ones. Today, we're talking about branding, specifically how to re-invent yourself or brand yourself as a creative entrepreneur.

It's not always easy to brand yourself when you're constantly evolving. Heck, even the concept of branding has evolved over the years. This episode gives you some questions to consider, along with a brief history of branding through the centuries - and what it means to you (and your clients) in its current evolution.

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Podcast Show Notes

  • 01:55 - A brief history of branding - it's not as boring as you might think!
  • 08:08 - What branding means (to you and your Raving Fans) in today's world
  • 9:27 - The evolution of my coaching practice from Home Party Solution to the Creative Freedom brand
  • 16:06 - The importance of repetition and reputation in branding yourself as a creative entrepreneur
  • 17:30 - 3 questions to ask yourself to help define your brand identity
  • 18:27 - Creative Entrepreneur Brand Case Study: Dr. Liz Powell
  • 20:29 - The new, old direction for the Creative Freedom Show
  • 23:37 - Where many creative entrepreneurs fall short with their branding

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