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We're tackling one of the biggest problems creative entrepreneurs face this week: underearning. Too many years of "paying your dues" working for free or for "exposure" have compounded the problem of creative entrepreneurs owning and asserting their value in the marketplace and charging fees equal to that value. Add to that a sense of shame or other self-worth issues, and you can begin to see how and why this problem persists for so many talented people that don't happen to be as famous or prevalent as Beyonce or Bill Gates.

After years of struggling with this issue myself, and working with clients all over the world who face similar issues, I've identified 5 core traits or symptoms that are common among most creative entrepreneurs. I've tapped two important resources that helped me on my journey through this shadowy valley, and share these insights in this week's episode.

Do you recognize these symptoms of underearning in yourself?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments. Your insights may spark a conversation that helps someone else!

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Music: "Welcome to the Show" by Kevin MacLeod
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This is Season Four, Episode Two. Where we tackle the core symptoms of underearning that are common to most creative entrepreneurs. Just because you demonstrate any or all of these symptoms once in a while doesn't make you an underearner. But, if a pattern persists, you'll definitely want to look closer.

This is the first episode in a Summer-long series that deals with different aspects and triggers for underearning. If you want to take this learning deeper, consider joining Overcoming Underearning for Creative Entrepreneurs.

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Show Notes

01:00 - How I discovered these 5 Core Symptoms of Underearning

04:35 - Why Chaotics get hit hard with indifference (and how that indifference could be a symptom of underearning)

07:30 - How not looking at my bank account kept me in a spiral of underearning

09:15 - The need for Ruthless Honesty

11:58 - How refusing compliments can be a sign of underearning

15:28 - The myth of "what the market will bear"

17:46 - fixating on competition as a sign of underearning

22:09 - How I bridged my income gap during my first year in Nashville

24:11 - The health symptoms that could be a symptom of underearning

28:07 - You've got to be wiling to accept the consequences of your new choices to overcome underearning

30:00 - Spotting the difference between occasional issues and true patterns of underearning

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Mentioned in this episode:

Music: "Welcome to the Show" by Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0