Lisa Robbin Young

(Author's note: this post originally appeared in 2011 on one of my old blogs. I've freshened it up a bit for you today.)

One of the things that really annoys me are those folks that say they want change, but don't take action when answers are provided.

It dawned on me why they don't budge.

The File Clerk In Your Head

Picture a huge file room in your brain. There's a file clerk in there, taking in "evidence" for the various files in the "cabinets."

The file clerk never takes a break. He's contstantly filing away bits of information in the various files.

Let's say, in one cabinet, you have two files, one marked "I can't sing", the other marked "I'm a good singer."

Then let's say you're invited to sing in a local Karaoke contest.

Quickly, you run to the file clerk and say "pull out the files to help me decide what to do!"

The file clerk, never missing a beat, pulls out two files. One is significantly larger than the other. The one that says "I can't sing" weighs 100 pounds, while the other has only a few slips of paper inside.