Lisa Robbin Young

First, I just want to CELEBRATE for a minute...

My YouTube channel is now over HALF A MILLION views! WOO HOO! Thanks for watching, sharing, and commenting on my videos for the past 7 years (SEVEN YEARS!). Can you believe it's been that long? I can't! I've been in the online arena since 1993, but nothing in my online career has given me more joy than hitting this milestone. THANK YOU for making it possible!

My first video went up about 7 years ago, but I didn't really start using YouTube consistently until a few years ago.  I've created over 300 videos, but most of them are private (which means, they don't count) because they're part of courses I've taught. Only about half of those videos are available for the public to watch.

I've covered a lot of ground in that time: training for direct sellers and entrepreneurs, personal videos, interviews with thought leaders and of course, music from the 300 songs project. All of it an exploration of stuff I know in the hopes it will help you own your dreams without selling your soul.

In January, I FINALLY got a set of lights for the studio. Before now, I've been relying on room light or the picture window in my office... which makes it hard to film on dark, dreary days (like most of our winter this year!). I've had a few people ask about getting decent lighting for videos, so here's my short (and FUN!) tutorial on a couple of different ways to get your shot lit well enough to get your video done.

Here is a link to the lights I use in my studio. Remember, I didn't have lights until earlier this year. Most of my videos were shot using natural light from a north-facing window (as shown in the video). I often pull the blinds a bit so we don't get too much light. Keep in mind, also, that my Flip HD camera has a self-adjusting feature to compensate for low/bright lighting that's pretty good. Know your camera. Individual results may vary.