Lisa Robbin Young

by Stu

[Editor's Note: This is Day Three of the Be Your Own Guru blog series. Stu gives us a clear understanding of What a guru really is - and where to find yours today.]

I never thought much about "Gurus" until I was in school.  I had a teacher that would tell us entertaining stories about her retired teacher. They would always end with, what I found to be, the strangest comment: "I'm on a never-ending search to find my new Guru." I would think, Hmmm... being in a school, you would be surrounded by gurus, right?"

I was right... but I found that out later, at the bottom of a rabbit hole.

The Guru

levitationAnyone on a path to wisdom, to finding the secrets of life, has come across the notion of a Guru. We inevitably hear about this Guru, that Guru, or even "my" Guru.  It conjures up images of a half-in-this-world-half-not levitating apparition.  But who is your Guru? ... and what exactly IS a guru?

It's insane to ask that question!

A Guru is someone who has the answers to your questions, possesses a wisdom of unfathomable proportion, one with knowledge not of this earth. Sounds fantastic!  But...

Can there possibly be one person with all and total knowledge?  Can one person know the right and perfect path for every other person?  No matter your belief system, possessing all knowledge = not being human... or being nailed to a cross. So what do they have... these "Gurus"? (more…)