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This is Season Four, Episode Seven. This is one of my most dangerous episodes, because I'm talking about shame. I'm talking about what Dr. Brene Brown calls "Unwanted Identities" and how they can impact your ability to charge higher rates for your work.

If you find yourself saying "I'm not (famous person), I could never charge THAT kind of money!" then this episode is for you.

This episode contains excerpts from my program, Overcoming Underearning for Creative Entrepreneurs. If you need additional support unpacking your stories of shame around your rates, consider joining us!

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Show Notes

9:00 - How Dr. Brown's own words illustrate how shame compounds the problem of underearning for creative entrepreneurs

12:00 - How I shamed myself out of doing something I loved because of my own unwanted identity

14:30 - The danger of owning the truth of your identities publicly versus the importance of owning it privately

17:48 - Why so many creative entrepreneurs struggle with a compelling CTA (Call to action) in their marketing

22:00 - A personal example of how I unravelled and re-wrote the story of one of my unwanted identities (and how you can do it, too)

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