Lisa Robbin Young

I couldn't keep this one to myself.

My brilliant designer and friend Rhiannon Llewellyn was charged with designing a page for all 60 inscriptions from The Secret Watch so I could convert them into a beautiful downloadable format. She unleashed her creative genius and, well, it was too good to save for just those of you that bought the book.

Here's the first installment. The rest are forthcoming. Isn't it gorgeous?



It's not easy to take a bunch of words and make them pretty. I think it's one of Rhi's ninja skills! If you'd like to share it, feel free. That's why it's here. Pin it, or pick up a PDF copy below.

Download the PDF version of the Faith Inscriptions

And yes, it's like crack: the first one is free, the rest you can only get when you learn more about the book.