Lisa Robbin Young // Dealing With Task Overwhelm. A Special #SundaySong Tribute. #300songs

Never before, and probably never again am I

gonna do something like this.

Give a look at this week's video. If

You have ever had projects that you felt like giving

up on, I challenge you to think differently. You'll

never experience success if you keep saying you're

gonna get to it "someday."

Let yourself off the hook!

You deserve a little bit of time to clear your head - maybe some

down time, sure - but if you keep quitting before you start, you'll

never get where you want to go. I'm

gonna share with you a little secret... When you

run through this video, you'll see what I mean. Somewhere

around the 1:13 mark, you'll find out my "third approach"

and how it can help you get through task overwhelm. If you feel lost in the

desert on the number of projects you've got on your plate,

you are not alone. Just remember that quitting is

never the answer. It's gonna take stamina, it's

gonna take determination, it's gonna take sweat equity to

make your dreams come true.

You deserve to stand tall and own your dreams. Don't

cry about missed opportunities. Keep pressing on!

Never give up on what really matters. I'm

gonna say that again. Never give up on what really matters!

Say to yourself that you're worth it! Say

"goodbye" to negative thinking. You're

never going to entertain those thoughts again. You're

gonna take the world by storm!

Tell everyone about your awesome new plan...

a plan that will give you power over overwhelm. Don't

lie around waiting for "someday" to sneak up

and leave you high and dry. Get over your

hurt and let the world know how lucky we are to have

you in it!

(Or just watch the video and it will all become clear)

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