Lisa Robbin Young // I Can't Make You Love Me. Bonnie Raitt, Mike Reid cover. #300songs

Des looks at a piece of sheet music for about 20 minutes and says "Okay, I'm good." Then he hands me the sheet music and creates his own equally compelling arrangement. Listen to the solo section for a glimpse into this kid's creative improvisational genius. Just amazing.

Oh, and this is song #75 in the 300 Songs project... I'm a quarter of the way home!

This is the second song written by Mike Reid I've had the joy of singing for this project. He's such a great songwriter. I wish more people would sing his music. Soulful, meaningful, and deep. Yummy!

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In This Life. Collin Raye Cover.


One of my favorite songwriters just happens to be a retired football player. Back in the 1990's Mike Reid co-wrote a few tunes with Allen Shamblin, and this one is one of my all-time favorites. The first time I heard it was on Kirk Whalum's CD by the same name, and Mike was the vocalist. There were actually several songs by Reid on that disc and I fell hard for his music. I think he's one of the most underestimated songwriters and composers of our time. He's been a classical pianist, written for the stage, and you're probably familiar with at least a few of his songs. Oh, and he was an All-Pro football player before I was born. Is there anything this guy can't do?

It was only later, I'd heard it was made poplar by Collin Raye, and I was disappointed that he cut the middle section out of the song, since I think it really drives the point home about how powerful love can be. Anywho, this is one of my favorites, and I'm seriously considering it for my audition for The Voice if I make the cut for the open call next week. It's down to this or "Get Here" - made popular by Oleta Adams - but that's been done overseas recently.

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