Lisa Robbin Young

A couple of days ago, I was practicing The PEACE System as I try to each morning, and during my meditation, this song just started pouring out of my head.

I can't fix you because you're not broken quote

A lot of people ask me how I write songs. Sadly, I don't really write them, as much as I transcribe what I hear in my head. They come to me in finished samples- sometimes in fragments, but usually the whole dang song just sort of rolls out in one fell swoop - as if I'm listening to a radio station or something. It's how "Something In My Dreams" and "What Love Can Do" both were born, as well as most of my tunes. The hardest part for me is getting the song down fast enough so I don't lose something precious in the transition from my head to the piano/pen.

Imagine hearing a brand new song for the first time and trying to remember every single part, note, and riff. Even Des has to listen to a song a couple of times before he's got it down... and I'm not that good (yet).

So I sing it over and over and over until I have the melody on lock, and then record the vocal. Then I try to get to a piano and "find" the chords before I've lost them. I can't tell you how many songs I've lost over the years because it didn't get down on paper the way I heard it in my head.


But as these lyrics came out, it was clear it wasn't just a song for me to "not lose" - but rather a message that might help you right now - in lyric form - before the song is complete. Chances are good this one will end up as a last-minute addition to the new album (details soon!).

 You can't be fixed because you're not broken. (tweet this)

I Can't Fix You (Because You're Not Broken)

by Lisa Robbin Young (April 22, 2015)
I can't fix you. Nobody can.

You can be mad at the world, and beat on your chest all that you can.

But I can't fix you in the state that you're in

'Cause you're not broken...

And you never have been.

You're not broken. I just want you to know.

Yeah, the world may try to beat you down,

But still you grow.

If you just keep on fighting, the world can't win.

'Cause you're not broken.

You gotta let that sink in.

There are times when we feel like we're just not enough -

We can't take anymore - that it's just too tough.

And our world's crumblin' down 'round our ears.

Yeah it's rough, but you're here.

And you're breathing.

So I can't fix you.

I just want you to know.

Don't be mad at the world as it beats you down

'Cause that's how you grow.

Yeah, just keep on fighting, and I know you're gonna win.

'Cause you're not broken - and you never have been.

No. You're NOT Broken.

You've gotta let that sink in.