Lisa Robbin Young

by  David Stanley

[Editor's Note: This is Day 8 of the Be Your Own Guru blog series. Dave and I go back a few years, having appeared together in a local production of "The Who's Tommy" in 2007. Every time I talk to him, I learn something new about him. Today's post opened my eyes to how deeply spiritual this guy is - and how his life lessons can help you with yours.]

At age 54, I have worn many career hats; bicycle racer, retail management, financial guru, teacher of science and English, coach of skiing, soccer and fitness. Throughout my life, one theme has been a constant. I have always been an educator and my first client has always been myself. I have never asked more of my athletes and students than I did of myself. I have never asked those in my charge to do anything that I didn’t try on myself first.

Early on as a coach, I developed the notion that athletic success is a three-legged stool: fitness, technique and tactics.

From a soccer perspective:

FITNESS – Can you run hard for the ninety minutes of a game?

TECHNIQUE – Can you consistently perform the skills of the game, e.g. direct your headers to a teammate?

TACTICS – Can you, on the fly, identify an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses to defeat your opponent?

For maximum athletic success, the three are closely intertwined. For instance, at the end of a long soccer game, if one is able to identify a weakness in the opponent’s defense, one must still be strong enough to use proper technique to complete a pass to a teammate for a scoring opportunity. Lacking a leg, you will surely lose.

levitating guruLife, too, has three legs: (more…)