Lisa Robbin Young

By Melanie Maddison

[Editor's note: This is Day 16 of the Be Your Own Guru series. This is Melanie's first adventure as a guest contributor to ANY blog, and I'm humbles to share her voice today. Melanie brings the perspective of an artist and an intuitive to this conversation. She reminds us that we all have our own guru inside ourselves - and it's time to let it shine.]

Guru: the act of being a pure, spiritually aligned wise one.

Original Soul Art by Melanie Maddison

Are you your own guru, or is someone else? Do you feel that this thing they are is separate and nothing to do with your own existence? Are they teachers and gurus who convince you they’ve got it down and are perfect super uber spiritual beings? (& Perhaps you're not?)

Well perhaps they have it down.


Everyone is unique.

Everyone is diverse.

Everyone has a different life...


Take on things...




Ones journey to healing, wholeness and alignment is rather different to the next person.

If we are all unique, so are (more…)