Lisa Robbin Young

Last year, I was introduced to a concept that I've continued to grapple with from time to time. The picture below is taken from page 61 of Dr. Maria Nemeth's book "The Energy of Money". It's an illustration that one of her teachers once shared with her:

whoweareWhen my coach first introduced it to me, it made perfect sense. I spent little time trying to understand it, and a TON of time trying to figure out where I was on that path.

I recognized I spent a lot of time pretending, a little time being afraid, and almost NO time embracing who I really am.

Sadly, my own experience as a coach tells me I'm not the only person living this way.

There's an internal fight for survival that undermines our confidence in truest self

These three identities: The Pretender, The Coward, and True Self show up at various moments (more…)