Lisa Robbin Young

[Creative Freedom S5E8]

You've probably heard the phrase "riches in niches" more times than you care to count. As a creative entrepreneur, finding a niche can feel challenging if you don't solve a "problem" or "pain" with your Great Work.

That's why I don't support the idea of looking for a pain to solve, but instead, looking at core values - which are a clearer indicator of why clients buy from you (and keep buying from you for years to come). In this episode, I'm stealin' a process from the manufacturing world to help you hone in on why clients buy from you and how to find more clients just like 'em.

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Podcast Show Notes

  • 1:34 Why getting super specific in your niche (target market) might be problematic when you're just getting started.
  • 4:35 The Six Sigma tool that helps you find the real reasons why your clients buy from you.
  • 10:00 How to triangulate your best clients through "people types" that match your core values.
  • 11:25 Two questions to ask your potential audience to help narrow your niche and avoid working in an unprofitable market.
  • 14:45 Why paying for ads might not be a good idea with a new niche
  • 19:35 How to test your new niche and how to know if you've picked the wrong one

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