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Get Your Creative Business On The Growth Track - And KEEP It There!

There's an easy way to get your creative business growing again. It begins by looking at what's really important to you and building your strategic plan from there. If you've taken the Creative Freedom quiz, you know how your type offers unique strengths and blind spots for your business growth.

If you're a Chaotic creative, you may hear the word "Strategy" and feel mixed emotions, but I promise, this is the simplest, easiest way to have crystal clarity on how to get your business (back) on the growth track - and keep it there. If you're a Linear, you're probably ready to jump in, and if you're a Fusion, you probably just want to know what you don't know!

Get access to the workshop I recorded for my Accountability Club members where you'll learn:

  • The blind spots of your creative type that might be slowing your growth
  • The simple 3 step process to achieve your "big wins" for the next 12 month (in life and work)
  • The "Pumpkin and radish" approach I use to right-size the expectations around goals to ensure you stay on track without getting discouraged.
  • and more.
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