Lisa Robbin Young

Develop Your Profit Plan

millionsThere's a difference between revenue and profit, and if you don't make a plan for profit, chances are good you won't have any at the end of the year - even if you bring in a ton of revenue.

By making profit a habit instead of an event, you'll actually have more profit on a quarterly basis. In this 50+minute video, I'll share with you the must-do steps for developing your profit plan.

In this session, you'll learn:
* My own "battle for profits" story - and how I fixed it for good.
* How to know if you've got an expensive hobby, a jobby, or a real business.
* Why profitability is MORE than just the money you make.
* Why you can't put profits or people first, and what to do instead.
* A simple (yes, really) formula to guarantee you'll have a profit every quarter.
You'll have a clear path to profit in your business (regardless of your income) by the end of this session.

Plus, you'll get the exact "plug and play" spreadhseets I use in my business to guarantee I always have a profit.

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