Lisa Robbin Young

Pay What You Can

Thank You For Investing In And Trusting Me!

I am honored that you are interested in my program. I want to do everything in my power to help you find success on your terms. My philosophy is that a business can be profitable and serve the greater good at the same time.

If you're here, I want to help you. 🙂

Here's how it works...

You will submit an offer and make payment via paypal. The minimum offer is $5, and offers are made in $5 increments - just adjust your "quantity" to reflect the total you want to offer. In most cases, your pay what you can offer will be accepted. There are a few exceptions, and I reserve the right to refuse to accept any offer that's been submitted. If you have a situation that needs special attention, please email me.

You will get a personal email with the subject "RE: Your Pay What You Can Offer" with a decision one way or the other. If your offer is accepted (which is MOST of the time), you'll get your program instructions shortly thereafter. If not, you'll get a refund and an explanation.


Pay What You Can is non-refundable (unless your offer is not accepted). Think of it like getting the special discount at the store when the package has been opened. You can either get the discount or be able to return it, but not both. I don't want this to become a "trick or treat" program for people who only want to pay a dollar for something and then ask for their money back. I believe in the reciprocity of energy - what you give, you get.

One last thing...

Thank you. For your confidence, trust, and willingness to take this step. I know how hard it is sometimes to scrape the cash together to make something you REALLY want to happen. Let's make the most of this program together, shall we?

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