Interviews & Guest Posts

As a business coach for creatives and as a creative myself, I've had the great privilege to speak and present on a variety of podcasts, shows, and stages. Here are selected interviews & guest posts from across the web (and beyond):


Discover Your Creative Entrepreneur Type with Bree Noble


Work From Your Happy Place with Belinda Ellsworth - How to Live a Lasting Legacy

She Went From Living on Welfare To Helping People Pursue Their Dreams on CircleAround


Rockstar Guest Speaker Sessions - Creativity, dreams, and becoming the celebrity of your own brand

Build Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting - Living in Your Ideal Entrepreneur Zone


Certified BADA$$ Online Marketing Podcast - Understanding Your Creative Entrepreneur Strengths

Profit by Design Podcast - What's your Creative Entrepreneur Type?

Round Table with Sharifah Hardie


"Story of the Shift" with Audrey Groeschel of Goddess at the Grindstone


Do You Have a Successful Business or an Expensive Hobby? With Productive Flourishing

Grow Your Business & Help Diverse Entrepreneurs with a Pay for Results Model with Lisa Robbin Young

Cross-polliNation w/ Nbee on "Inventing a Creative Career"

How Creatives Can Make Good Money Doing What They Love Without Selling Your Soul with Markeith Braden

Read to Lead with Jeff Brown: Your Complete Guide to Personal and Financial Success

Productive Flourishing: "How Can You Improve Your Annual Planning?" 

Type A Parent: "Why Annual Planning is Not Enough" with Lisa Robbin Young

Profit Power Pursuit Podcast: Offering a Service at "Pay For Results" Pricing

Profit First Podcast: How To Own Your Dreams Without Selling Your Soul

The Strategy Hour podcast: The Problem You Have with Reaching 6 Figures

Productive Flourishing blog: 5 Things You Need To Know To Speak Your Truth And Connect With Your Audience


Help Yourself:  Finding The Right Message To Connect With Customers

The Courageous Entrepreneur podcast: How To Build A Successful Business As A Creative Entrepreneur

Love-Based Business podcast: Real Artists Don't Starve: How to build a business doing what you love without selling your soul or killing yourself to do it.


Black Women Innovate

Your Strategic Business Building Podcast: How To Have More Clarity, Confidence, And Focus

Creative Giant Podcast: Which Creative Entrepreneur Type Are You?

Susty Girl Blog: How To Do What You Love And Get Paid Handsomely For It

Productive Flourishing Blog: Which of the 3 Types of Creative Entrepreneur Are You?

Direct Sales Success: 5 Retention Strategies to Make Consultants Stick - Feature in Home Business Magazine, pg 18

Love Is A Verb Podcast: When You Lose Everything, You Still Have Yourself.

Corporate Dreamers Telesummit: Having The Courage To Be Yourself, Warts, Sparkles, And All

Live Creative Now Podcast: From Near-Death Experiences to Lady Gaga’s Entrepreneurial Type: a Conversation with Lisa Robbin Young, the Singing Coach



Other Media

  • An interview from the Hungry Entrepreneur project:
  • "Breakdown, Breakthrough, and The Impossible" - an excerpt from Sarah Robinson's "Creating Irresistible Presence workshop:

  • BlogTalkRadio Interview with Holly Chantal: Spammer or Superstar? How Social Media Can Make Or Break Your Direct Sales Business:

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