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Creative Freedom Digital Print Edition

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Creative Freedom Audio files

Title, Dedication, and Introduction


Act I: Defining Your Dream

Chapter 1: All Entrepreneurs Are Creative, But Not All Creatives Are Entrepreneurs

Chapter 2: The 6-Figure Creative

Chapter 3: The 5 Key Areas of Success

Chapter 4: The "I Matter" Paradigm


Act II: Designing Your Dream

Chapter 5: 360-Degree Business Design

Chapter 6: Personal Pillar 1: Context

Chapter 7: Personal Pillar 2: Your Creative Freedom Entrepreneur Type

Chapter 8: Business Pillar 1: Your Growth Stage

Chapter 9: Business Pillar 2: Your Business Model


Act III: Pursuing Your Dream

Chapter 10: The 4 Strengths Every Creative Entrepreneur Needs To Succeed

Chapter 11: How To Create Raving Fans 

Raving Fans Toolkit

Chapter 12: Resonance

Chapter 13: Building Your Business Model

Chapter 14: Your 3-Minute Marketing Plan

- Google Doc: 3-Minute Marketing Strategy Plan Template


Act IV: Owning Your Dream

Chapter 15: Don't Wait To Be Picked

Chapter 16: Your Noble Empire

Chapter 17: Becoming The CEO

Chapter 18: Strategic Planning

Chapter 19: Cadenza