Lisa Robbin Young

Sticky-Notes2Ready to get out of the creative funk

and finally set and achieve goals that matter to you?

Are you tired of being overwhelmed and having too much to do all the time?

Do often feel like your head's gonna explode because your to-do list never ends?

Are you watching weeks, months or years pass by without ever seeing the results you really want?

If so, I may be able to help.

Let me help you achieve true success - on your terms!

For most creative entrepreneurs, it can be a struggle to achieve the goals that matter most to us.

Oh, sure, you can set goals. Creatives entrepreneurs are pros at setting goals. It's achieving them that can be an exercise in frustration. Our heads are filled with ideas, and we want to see results! We want to see our vision take shape in the world. But it can be overwhelming to stay consistent and keep up with ourselves.

Sometimes we set incredibly lofty goals, and rely on "trusting the process" to bring them to fruition - with no real idea how we're going to make it happen. Other times, we get so frustrated that we set ridiculously low goals just so we can feel good about checking something off our list.

Oh, and then life happens - we get sick, the kids get sick, or some emergency happens, which throws the original plan off kilter, and leaves us scrambling to figure out "now what?"

If this sounds like you, you're not alone.

WhatYoTypeEach creative entrepreneur type has their own blind spots when it comes to goal setting - AND goal achievement.

If you're a creative entrepreneur tired of struggling to set and achieve your goals, this call is for you. Whether you're a Linear, Chaotic or Fusion type creative, if you want to finally carve out a name for yourself, have a business that gives you the space, freedom, and income you've been craving, and have success on your terms, I invite you to join me for this special class:

Your Next 30 Days:

How to create and achieve goals

that work for you in the next 12 months... and Beyond

N30DCoverAIn this training you'll discover:

  • The blind spots of the three Creative Entrepreneur Types 
  • How to determine your Creative Entrepreneur type and clear your blind spots faster
  • How to craft goals you can actually achieve - without low-balling, or over-estimating what you can accomplish
  • The 4:30 approach can help you develop and achieve YOUR goals with peace and ease.
  • and more.



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