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How to manage the risk of being sued in business

Being sued can sometimes be the result of a business model mistake tht keeps your business from growing like it should - or make it collapse all together.

If you are at risk of being sued or simply want to ensure your business is protected for the future, here are some tips to follow.

Get the right insurance coverage

No matter the size of your business, the right insurance coverage is a hedge of protection around your business. Even small business startup insurance (like E&O for coaches) can help protect you from being sued for a simple mistake by a litigious client or vendor.

Have an attorney at hand

A great attorney, it almost goes without saying, is important to have at the ready in case anything happens.

If someone makes a claim against your business, a legal representative can often mean the difference between a lengthy trial or resolving the matter before it ever gets that far.

You might not understand the laws and regulations when it comes to customer disputes on issues. Therefore, hiring an attorney and having them at hand will guarantee that your business can stay afloat and healthy when at risk of being sued.

Separate your personal life from your business

If you mix business with pleasure and something happens in your marriage, it could hinder the success and health of your business. Your ex-partner could try and sue your company if they are involved in your business. They may even end up owning part or all of it. Contracts matter.

Identify risks and minimize them 

Cyber attacks, failure to use sound contracts and agreements, and assumptions can create other issues in your business that lead to getting sued. If a hacker performs a cyberattack and manages to breach your information, it could leak that information and make your business the star of a class-action lawsuit. Handshake agreements often lead to misunderstandings. Assuming each party is on the same page can cause a lot of consternation when things go off the rails.

Solid contracts, signed agreements, legal support, and the right insurance for your company can go a long way to protecting you and your assets from being the target of a lawsuit. Better to be safe than sorry.

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