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Diversity In The Workplace Matters. Here's why...

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Workplace diversity isn’t just about meeting a quota. Hiring employees from a range of different backgrounds can have many benefits for your company. Below are a few reasons why diversity matters within your workforce.

Diversity helps creativity to thrive

Diversity is great for encouraging different ideas. While a team of young, white, able-bodied men are still likely to have many different individual experiences, they are not going to have the same range of experiences as a mixed age, multiracial, mixed ability and mixed gender team. People with different backgrounds may be able to identify different problems and solutions. Your team members can also learn from each other as a result of this. When it comes to industries where creativity is important such as product design, marketing and research, it could be essential to hire a diverse team. 

Diversity improves your customer reach

Diversity can help to build consumer trust. In fact, diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets. This is likely to be due to creativity and the ability to appeal to more audiences by identifying the problems of different demographics. If you want a diverse range of customers to relate to your product or service, a diverse team of employees can also help to make you more approachable. All in all, it’s good for your brand.

Diversity leads to greater employee retention

Many employees are also likely to feel prouder working for an employer that champions diversity. A new diversity and inclusion study found that 81% of respondents would consider leaving their job due to a lack of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. While it is true that some employees may be less welcoming to certain minority groups or demographics, most people are fairly open-minded when it comes to who they work with - as long as they’re friendly and competent at their job. Worrying that certain employees may not fit in with the ‘company culture’ may in fact be a form of discrimination on your part. Consider the fact that adding more diversity may be good for your team morale and could lead to a reduced turnover. 

Diversity allows you to access a greater talent pool

Being open to hiring employees of different ages, ethnic groups, genders, orientations and abilities could also expose you to a greater range of talent. Some employers are quick to dismiss an employee for being too old or for having a disability without really looking into the skills and experience of that employee. By skimming over certain employees, you could be missing out on talent that could be valuable to your business. This is why you should always approach the hiring process without any personal bias. Focus on what really matters when hiring someone - their knowledge and their passion for the job. 

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