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How to launch your next offer successfully

Are you thinking about launching a new product on the market through your business? If you listen to many of the folks in the internet marketing world, this can be a complicated process. In truth, it CAN be as easy as a paypal button and inviting folks to purchase, but usually, you've got a few more moving pieces than that if you want to get any sales volume.

So let's ensure that you are taking the approach that's right for you. That will give you the greatest chance of feeling like you've had a successful launch once the cart opens. 

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Decide What "Success" Looks Like

It can be tempting to keep "moving the goal posts" with a launch. If this is your first launch, or if this is a new offer, it's even more important to be clear on what you hope to accomplish from this launch. Do you want to grow your reach (or mailing list)? Do you want to hit a certain number of sales or a certain amount of revenue? Do you want all three? Do you want to collaborate with new affiliates or partners? Be clear BEFORE you launch what you're really trying to accomplish. That way, you won't keep raising the bar on your launch goals until they're unattainable.

Hire The Right Experts 

Think about hiring the right team members to help you launch a product. You might want to explore a candidate with a  product manager certification who can join your team. Certificates like this show evidence that someone has all the expertise that you need to hit the right marks with a product launch. 

At the very least, consult with someone who has experience with launches similar to yours. While you CAN do a launch on your own, it's a lot of work, and I don't recommend it. Start now to build out your marketing team. That way you'll have experts on your side that help your launch be more successful. 

Research Thoroughly 

Investigate the products that are similar to yours that already exist on the market. Do the math and look at how many people you need to reach in order to hit the volume of sales and revenue you want to reach. Do you have a marketing budget or is this a bootstrap affair? You need to know the numbers before you jump in. 

Think About How To Reach Your Audience 

How will they learn about you? This isn't the Field of Dreams, so you need a plan to reach your right people. When considering how to reach your audience, you need to look at their individual behaviors and what makes them tick. Specifically, you must explore their desires or their pain points. Whenever you decide to launch a new product, you should be able to address how it tackles the pain points of users or makes their lives better in some meaningful way. For instance, it could make a process that they are already completing more efficient. Or, it might satisfy their thirst for a more immersive experience in the world of gaming. These are just a couple of examples. Find the need and fill it, as they say.

Finalize Your Strategy 

Armed with the research and your understanding of the audience, there are probably a number of marketing strategies that could work in your favor. The option that you choose will depend on what you're promoting as well as your brand as a whole. Maybe your budget requires you to opt for social media marketing over other marketing channels. If that’s the case then it’s important to think about which social media network will work best for your brand. Where is your best audience likely to be? Lay out all the pieces of your marketing strategy so that you have a clear plan before you launch.

Launching doesn't have to be hard or take months, but it does require focus, a little bit of research, and a willingness to see it through to the end... including the post-launch review. Make sure you evaluate your results after the launch ends to know what works, what didn't, and what you'll do differently next time.

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