Lisa Robbin Young

How To Ethically Market Your Business During A Tragedy: 3 Considerations

With all the tragedies and depressing headlines of recent weeks, it would be easy to close up shop, dig a hole, and hide yourself away for the rest of your life.

There's a lot of hurt in the world, and marketing your creative business might seem a bit - shall we say frivolous? - during these uncertain times. It doesn't even have to be a national tragedy. Sometimes personal tragedy strikes, too, and that can make it even more difficult to keep things "business as usual". Although, it might not actually be "business a usual" anymore.

Yet, it is precisely because of these times that we need you to keep showing up and keep sharing your Great Work with your world.

But how can you be a person of integrity and run a profitable, sustainable business at the same time?

This week's episode is my best attempt to answer that question with sincerity (and a dash of humor in the style of other Creative Freedom episodes). If you or someone you know is struggling to make sense of how to ethically build your business during these challenging times, this episode may help.

I've put myself in a potentially dangerous situation here by sharing from my heart like this. If you've ever thought about leaving a comment, please do it today, because this episode, more than any other I've created to date, needs your support. And frankly, I could use the encouragement, since this is a very sensitive topic. It's possible I've made a mess of trying to be helpful (it happens), but the only way I'll know is if you tell me.

I try to have fun in these episodes, so that, too, could be taken the wrong way. Again, your comments and ideas help open the discussion for everyone.

Just because others are in pain doesn't mean you can't share your joy. (Tweet This)

How have you weathered tragedy as a business owner?

Share your struggles and solutions in the comments, and let's be a rising tide for everyone!