Lisa Robbin Young

Straight Up


Blasting back into the studio after a long hiatus, I've put together this swinging soul version of "Straight Up" by Elliot Wolff. It was a hit for Paula Abdul back in 1988 or so. This is a rehearsal video from the 300 songs project563.

I love the empowering nature of the lyrics. Instead of pining for a guy, or waiting for him to make a move, she comes right out ans asks him to play it straight with her. After watching a few episodes of "Drop Dead Diva564" I really wanted to hear Jane Bingum bust out this tune.


I'm no bass player, so I had to rely on the built-in sounds on my fancy-schmancy Yamaha. If you watch closely, you can see me playing the keyboard (barely, but I'm playing, dangit!) When we do it live, the amazing Owen Ananich will be rockin' out the bass. Did you get your tickets to our May show yet? You can do that here565.

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