CFA Lesson Eighteen

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The 6-Figure Imperative

Lesson Eighteen explores what I call the Six-Figure Imperative and how to make paying yourself a habit. Whether you use the Profit First method or not, paying yourself needs to be a habit long before you're making much money. Otherwise, you'll keep allocating that money back into the business, which doesn't help YOU!

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Your Assignment

Remember that EVERYTHING is an opportunity for awareness!

  1. Schedule your paydays, if you haven't already
  2. Calculate your wage, based on the work you've done in the company since last payday or based on Profit First percentages
  3. Cut yourself a check. Even if you don't cash it or only pay yourself "on paper," begin the habit of paying yourself regularly.
  4. Celebrate your wins. If you're in A-Club, be sure to celebrate in the group!

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Lessons: 17 | 18 | 19 | 20