CFA Lesson 33

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Lesson 33 could have been the first lesson in this program because it's just as important. Grit, determination, and the willingness to "ride the snail" are key when you're in the thick of the hard parts of growing your business... and there WILL be times when things get hard.

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Your Assignment

Remember that EVERYTHING is an opportunity for awareness!

  1. Stay aware! It's easy to veer off course or get distracted, or feel overwhelmed.
  2. Ride the snail! It doesn't matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop.
  3. Stay in your lane! Don't be distracted by what other people are doing. Stay focused on what matters most to YOU.
  4. Eyes on your own paper! Ignore the "well meaning" or downright bad advice of others. Plan, DO, and THEN evaluate. Don't mix up the order!
  5. Document your awarenesses and track your results.
  6. Celebrate your wins. If you're in A-Club, be sure to celebrate in the group!

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Lessons: 33| 34 |35|36