Teleclasses That Sell

Step-by-step instructions


6 teleclassesThinking of doing your own teleclasses, but overwhelmed by all the moving parts and pieces? Maybe you've already held a teleclass or two with lackluster results?

Teleclasses That Sell is my 1-2-3 guide to setting up and running a successful teleclass - including:

  1. Simple (and free) technology you can use if you're just getting started
  2. My step-by-step process for crafting and hosting a teleclass that turns listeners into clients
  3. My marketing timeline so you know exactly how to promote your teleclass to get people live on the line

It's that easy! I've been hosting teleclasses for nearly 10 years, so I know a bit about how to do them well. As a member of the Accountability Club, you get instant access to this class as well as several more!