Unleash your Star Power and become a celebrity in your niche!

Have you ever wondered why some people rise to stardom and others don’t? 

It can feel pretty disheartening watching others blow past you, especially when you know you’re better at what you do than they are.

Why keep going, right?

You work hard. You almost grab the brass ring, but somehow fame and fortune elude you. 

And you may even find yourself cleaning up after that more “famous” person in your niche.

It’s more common than you think. And it really pisses me off!

So the question is… 

Why can’t YOU be the one to take their place and become a better steward of fame, wealth, customers, and clients?

Why can’t you be the icon…the Lady Gaga…the Brene Brown… the Denzel Washington... the Sherlock Holmes of your niche?

Imagine being able to rise to celebrity, live comfortably, give back to the communities you serve, or help a loved one in need. 

Why can’t you inject some integrity into the mix and claim YOUR spot at the table?

You can!

Image of the Star Power Method Framework

Clarity, Confidence, & Courage

The Star Power Method is a framework I use with my clients to help them become the celebrity in their niche. Here's the not-so-secret secret - you already possess every one of these abilities. Inside the Star Power Intensive, we work together to help you strengthen these abilities - and elevate your celebrity status.

What exactly IS the Star Power Group coaching program?

Over the course of our 12 weeks together, we'll explore each of the aspects in the Star Power Framework to find your greatest strengths and challenges. We'll work together to develop a customized plan of action that you can begin to implement right away. I call it your Success Map. It will help you see where your current gaps are and how to begin to resolve them.

You'll have three months to strategize, practice, and ask questions as you work through your Success Map. Whether it's a tough question about your business model, getting more visibility for your work, handling pricing questions, or just revamping an offer, I've got your back!

Strategy, Coaching, and Accountability Support as you RISE!

The Star Power group coaching experience is designed for established business owners who have hit a plateau in their business and are clear that they are meant to be serving a larger (maybe even international!) audience with their work. If you're done being the best kept secret in your niche and ready for the world to take you seriously as the leader of your market, book a spot in my calendar and let's see if the Star Power Group coaching program is a fit for you!

The Star Power is also available as a one-on-one intensive. Click here to learn more about the Star Power Intensive.

If you're not ready for Star Power yet, consider the Creative Freedom Incubator.

About Lisa Robbin Young

Lisa Robbin Young (she/her) is a performing artist, award-winning speaker, best-selling author, actor, and an accomplished musician with multiple albums to her credit.

A business coach with nearly 30 years in the online world, Lisa's worked alongside start-ups and 9-figure superstars alike. She knows that the best way to be truly successful in life and business is to be yourself – warts, sparkles, and all.

Lisa's forthcoming book, Unleash Your Star Power: How to have the courage to be rich as the celebrity in your niche, lays out her Star Power Method in greater detail.

At Ark Entertainment Media, we believe in the possibilities of people. We believe it’s possible to build a profitable, sustainable business doing what you love - without selling your soul to do it. We are committed to inspiring creative entrepreneurs across the spectrum to define and achieve success on their own terms and become the celebrity in their niche.

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