Don't believe you can? I've been there.

Seriously. It can be a challenge to truly believe that you can do the thing you're trying to accomplish - whether that's seeing a program through to completion or just getting out of bed some days.

I get it. I've been there. And pressuring you won't help.

Instead, I am going to give you some questions to think about, to give you some clarity. See, I don't care HOW you get your clarity. I just want you to have it. Because clarity leads to confidence and courageous action - even if the courageous action is to say "yes" to working with me right now (or not. I hold no attachment or judgement either way.).

I want you to be able to confidently say "YES!" to your dreams and define success on your own terms - whatever that might look like for you.

So let's look at where this belief issue might be coming from...

1. Is this a true lack of belief in your abilities?

Firstly, please know that I believe in you. You wouldn't have gotten this far if there wasn't something calling you to this program. Part of my job is to help hold a safe space and see the possibilities that exist for you that you can't quite see yet.

That said, if you really don't think you can do this, can you identify - specifically - what it is you think you can't do? Can't watch a video, listen to an audio, read a transcript, fill out a worksheet, or answer some questions in the English language? Those are legit stumbling blocks for some people. Or is this deeper? Are you not convinced you'll follow through and complete the program?

The good news is that help is available for you. My programs are usually available in multi-media formats so that you can access them in the way that works best for your learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic). And additional support options are available in most cases to have personal help going through the program.

Hey, I know life happens, and I want you to be successful and get the results you're looking for.  We're here to help.

If this isn't an issue with your abilities, GREAT! It might be something else that seems that way, so how about...

2. Is this a fear of success?

A lot of marketers will use this as a cop out and say you don't want it bad enough, or you haven't made your success a priority.

That's B.S.

Some people (myself included) have had genuine fears about what would be different on the other side of success. Things that feel terrifyingly real and problematic when you're trying to make a decision.

Again: #BeenThereDoneThat #BoughtTheShirt

If you're letting fear drive the bus, there's hope. That hope begins by not trying to do everything by yourself.

Again, you may not need this program, but you do need some help to get beyond your fears. You simply won't get the kind of success you want (and deserve) by staying stuck in your own head and letting fear drive the bus.

Are you at least willing to try something different and have some support and accountability to see you through? If seems like it, or you probably wouldn't have gotten this far! So, let's talk about how we can help you. If this program isn't a good fit right now, we can find probably find something that is.

If you're certain it's not about your abilities, and not about your fear of success, then maybe...

3. Is this a lack of belief in the program?

When you're facing something new, it's hard to know what the outcomes will be. Heck, even when you've done something 1,000 times there's always the possibility that something could go off the rails.

I don't way that to scare you. I say that because that's reality. That's life, yo. I tell my clients all the time that you can't control the outcome. You can influence the outcome in how you show up, do the work to the best of your ability, and measure your results so that you can plan your next move.

My programs aren't based in theory. They are time-tested, proven processes and steps that have worked for me and my clients over the years. I go out of my way to battle-test anything I teach - I've been my own guinea pig for decades now, and I'm not about to stop now.

That said, not every program is right for every person, so it makes sense to be cautious and do your due diligence. Could I be turning away business right now by saying that? Sure. But again, I'm not attached to whether or not you invest in working with me. I mean, I like to get paid and all, but my right clients find me. They line up to work with me. So if you're not ready right now, that's okay by me... but is that okay by you?

By that I mean, if you keep waiting, what will happen for YOU? What will change for you? Will your situation stay the same or get worse? A colleague once told me there are no lateral moves, because while you're holding still, everyone else is passing you. That may not be a big deal to you, so think about what really matters to you in this moment and whether or not you can get there on your own. If so, then great! Go on with your bad self! If not, then are you at least willing to consider the possibility that we can help?

I don't sugar coat things. There's effort involved. Results don't magically fall from the sky, and I don't promise that your results will look like anyone else. What I do promise is that it's important to me to help you get what you want most - in life and business - and that I'll do my part to the best of my abilities to get you there.

You've always got a lifeline here. Every one of our programs comes with some kind of email support, and you can reach out any time for further clarification or assistance. That's why we're here... to help!

Still not sure?

I get it. Really. I do. If you have some specific things you'd like to talk about, just reach out using my handy-dandy contact form. I read every email personally and do my best to respond within 2 business days.

I would consider it an honor and a blessing to be able to be part of your entrepreneurial journey. And if we're not a fit, no hard feelings. I wish you all the best - because the world needs you now more than ever to own your dreams!