Define and achieve success - on your own terms...

If you're like most creative entrepreneurs I know, you start the year giddy with excitement and hope that this time will be different, only to reach the end of the year and wonder - what the heck happened?'

It's not that you didn't want to lose the weight, build the list, or sell thousands upon thousands of dollars in products and services. You did. In fact, you may have even had a plan, but well... life happened.

"Life happens" to all of us. You can still stay on track with your goals.

Maybe you got an incredible opportunity presented to you. Maybe a problem inside the company forced you to put some things on hold. Perhaps you got caught up in the momentum of one idea or another, and when you look back, you realize a whole year has gone by - and many of your original plans and dreams are not much further along than they were last year!

If it feels like someone or something beyond your control sabotages you no matter how hard you try, there's help...

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Dreamblazing is designed for creative entrepreneurs across the spectrum. Linears love the power of the structured framework, while Chaotics love the flexible way they can using it. Fusion types know all their bases are covered in one place.

End overwhelm. Get out of analysis paralysis. Say goodbye to shiny object syndrome an stay focused on what really matters to you.

Use it ANY time of the year to focus in on your most important goals. Dreamblazing helps you get focused and stay focused. It helps you course correct when life happens and your plans need to change. Dreamblazing is designed to help you get more clarity, build your confidence, and make better decisions in your life and work.

Dreamblazing doesn't just help you set goals - it helps you set the right goals.

Using a simple but powerful approach, you get crystal clarity on what's most important - and then you lay out a plan of action to achieve those goals based on your creative entrepreneur type and how you best show up in the world.

Because you'll have a laser-like focus on what's really important, you'll have greater clarity on what needs to change and what to say "HELL YES!" to as new opportunities come up during the year. Having that kind of clarity means better decision making in everything you do.

Get the clarity and confidence you need to make the right decisions for your life and biz...

Dreamblazing is a virtual course that helps you create a step-by-step action plan to guide you to achieving your most important goals - based on your definition of what a successful life and career look like for the next 12 months.

You'll get:

  • 8 lessons with downloadable audios & videos in bite-sized chunks - and you control the delivery speed (take it all at once, or a little each day).
  • Email support via your daily Progress Tracker
  • Specific activities to help you define what success looks and feels like for you.
  • A comprehensive, 50+ page full-color, downloadable, editable pdf workbook to help you document and achieve what matters most to you.

This program is flexible enough to meet your specific needs. Even folks who "self-sabotage" have had success with this planning tool!

Effective planning is a critical component to building a life and business that serves who you really are in the world. Plus, you'll have access to all the downloadable content for life, inside my FREE Rising Tide members area.

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Can I tell you a secret?

Achieving your goals doesn't have to be hard. Dreamblazing helps you set goals that matter and then plan out the year so that you can actually achieve them. My clients have been using it for more than a decade, and here's what they say:

"I have never been this prepared for a given year... I'm so excited... with everything I have set in place through this program. I can track my progress, shift a bit where I need to, and having a set plan makes all the difference. It's a great way to get your goals set without being overwhelmed. Loved it! I have more confidence in myself than I could see before."

Kim Ridenour - Client

"Fabulous! You have brought out what is really important in life. We all need to work on specific core issues that will help us live our best life. It is so important to have a quiet time to focus our energy in productive ways and gain clarity for each and every day. You give a step-by-step plan to do this. Thank you for all you give of yourself through your programs!"

Kelly Harrell - Client

"I had been trying to plan, and seemed to get bogged down easily. This really helped me. I was able to sit down, watch the video, do the exercises daily with no problems. I could pick my own best time, so it worked well... The most interesting thing I have noticed, is that many of my smaller goals...are now almost completed. It seems the planning got me in gear. I really wanted to start the year without all the mental and physical clutter and it will be just about done by Jan 1. Woo Hoo!!"

Fran Sparks - Client

"My plan is about me and what I want and it takes my specific sets of values into account. I can definitely recommend it to someone who is looking for clarity but struggling to sort out all the pieces to their puzzle.I needed someone to take me by the hand and help me sort through my thought processes and ideas. This program takes a little piece each day and helps you see clarity on that topic and puts it all together at the end."

Rene Hughes - Client

Don't let another year go by living someone else's dreams!