How to Find, Reach, and Create More Customers for Your Creative Business

Are you brand new at business building, or have you been limping along for a while and not really striking a chord with your right audience? 

If you're tired of banging your head against a wall and getting crickets with every social media post, there's help...

Find Your Audience is a digital masterclass series designed to help you get clarity on who your Raving Fans are and how to find and reach them more quickly.

Stop wondering what to say to attract more Raving Fans to your work!

Find Your Audience is like having a private investigator at your fingertips, searching out your best clients and helping you get to know them better. The better you know your audience, the easier it is to reach them.

Find Your Audience doesn't just help you find your Raving Fans - it helps you connect with them.

Using a simple but powerful approach, you get crystal clarity on what's really going on with your best clients, and how to create more resonance with them, making them more interested in what you have to say, and more eager to buy!

Find Your Audience is a virtual masterclass series that helps you create a step-by-step action plan to guide you to find, connect with, and create more Raving Fans

You'll get:

  • 4 video lessons - and you control the delivery speed (take it all at once, or a little each day).
  • Email support if you have questions.
  • Specific activities to help you define and connect with your audience

You'll have access to all the downloadable content for life, inside my FREE Rising Tide members area.

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Can I tell you a secret?

Growing your audience doesn't have to be hard, but you have to be able to find the right people in the first place! Find Your Audience helps you do just that. Here's what people have said about our other Rising Tide programs:

"I have never been this prepared for a given year... I'm so excited... with everything I have set in place through this program. I can track my progress, shift a bit where I need to, and having a set plan makes all the difference. It's a great way to get your goals set without being overwhelmed. Loved it! I have more confidence in myself than I could see before."

Kim Ridenour - Client

"Fabulous! You have brought out what is really important in life. We all need to work on specific core issues that will help us live our best life. It is so important to have a quiet time to focus our energy in productive ways and gain clarity for each and every day. You give a step-by-step plan to do this. Thank you for all you give of yourself through your programs!"

Kelly Harrell - Client

"I had been trying to plan, and seemed to get bogged down easily. This really helped me. I was able to sit down, watch the video, do the exercises daily with no problems. I could pick my own best time, so it worked well... The most interesting thing I have noticed, is that many of my smaller goals...are now almost completed. It seems the planning got me in gear. I really wanted to start the year without all the mental and physical clutter and it will be just about done by Jan 1. Woo Hoo!!"

Fran Sparks - Client

"My plan is about me and what I want and it takes my specific sets of values into account. I can definitely recommend it to someone who is looking for clarity but struggling to sort out all the pieces to their puzzle.I needed someone to take me by the hand and help me sort through my thought processes and ideas. This program takes a little piece each day and helps you see clarity on that topic and puts it all together at the end."

Rene Hughes - Client

Are you ready to have more Raving Fans for your Great Work?