CFA Lesson Ten

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Profit First

Lesson Ten give you the foundational tools of taking control of your business income. As you'll learn in this lesson, there's revenue, and then there's REAL revenue. Not all the money that your company brings in belongs to you. When you know your REAL Revenue numbers, you'll be able to make better financial decisions.

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Your Assignment

Remember that EVERYTHING is an opportunity for awareness!

  1. Determine your current Real Revenue.
  2. Figure out your CURRENT allocation percentages. This gives you an AWARENESS around how your business is running.
  3. Decide what your percentages will be for the next quarter. Remember to start small and do what you can as you are able, but COMMIT to doing it for a full quarter.
  4. Celebrate your wins. If you're in A-Club, be sure to celebrate in the group!

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Lessons: 9 | 10 | 11 | 12