The Biggest Money Mindset Block for your Creative Type

[Creative Freedom S6E16]

Our money stories shape our choices, which shape our money stories.

While it’s easy to look outside yourself at what other people are doing and make judgements about “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”. I want to invite you to hold a mirror up and see if your own money choices or stories might be harboring a few blocks of your own. Because YOU are the only person you can do anything about them anyway.

Today, I’m sharing the biggest money blocks for each creative type. Because, while we’re all unique, we do carry a few patterns in our types that can put up BIG roadblocks to our business growth and success. While each type may have symptoms that look the same (feeling stuck, hitting a plateau), the thoughts that are at the root of these issues are often different, depending on your type.

If you haven’t already taken our free quiz to discover your creative type, you’ll want to do that in order to know your type. Head on over to to get your results.

There’s no opt-in required to get your results but if you DO opt in, you get a guide that unpacks all the different creative types so that you can learn about more than just your own creative type.

After you get your result, or before, tune in below to learn how to adjust your money choices.

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