How to find your target market (and why it matters)

[Creative Freedom S6E11]

A moment of truth telling: Finding your audience is actually more about them finding you.  Being a lighthouse, in many respects, for your right people who need a safe harbor from the storms of their world.

What kind of a light are you shining out there? Where does that light come from? 

There was a time in the big bad world of business, where you could pretty much sell anything and people would buy it. You didn’t need to persuade people about the benefits of choosing you because you were the only game in town. They either bought what you were selling or they went without. Period.

But buyers are smarter, do more research, and have a LOT more options at their fingertips. It takes more than just “buy my stuff, it’s great” to encourage a buyer to say yes.

But even in a world where a whole lot of people MIGHT say yes to your offer, you need to practice a little discernment.

Today, I want you to understand the principles behind finding your target audience - how to determine if you’re talking to the right people in the first place, and if not, what may need to shift so that you can actually FIND these folks.

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