S6E9: How To Turn Your Audience Into Raving Fans

[Creative Freedom S6E9]

In my hometown, there’s a concrete pump house situated between the train tracks and a T intersection by one of our high schools.

I’m pretty sure it’s a defunct building now because the hatch on the top has been painted shut for decades. You couldn’t get into it if you wanted to… although some folks have tried, and there are still a few citizens of the town who HAVE gone in there at some point in the past and lived to tell the tale. 

We call it “the rock” - and we called it that long before Dwayne Johnson started wrestling in the 90s. It was first painted by students of that high school - “SWP Oh yeah!” That was the start of over 50 years of community building - through vandalism.

We used to joke that the rock must have originally been only a few feet wide, but years of paint had made it ginormous. A few years back, several inches of paint actually peeled off the rock, revealing layers of work from years past. The rock is so popular, it has its own facebook page.

So the question of the day: How does a rock get its own facebook page? Tune in below to find out!

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Podcast Show Notes

Inside this episode, we're talking about:

  • How a rock (not The Rock) gets its own Facebook page
  • A lesson from Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga about Raving Fans
  • The “hierarchy of engagement” that can sell a million records
  • How seemingly “random” content can humanize your brand
  • How to create engagement even if your offer isn’t sexy
  • Why people become Raving Fans in the first place
  • How Ben and Jerry’s creates Raving Fans

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